Interior Design Consulting

Overall design concept and specification for both residential homes and commercial projects

Munro & Co will work with you to provide a comprehensive design schedule detailing product specifications, finishes, and colours.

Product Sourcing and Bespoke Design

Munro & Co utilises a specially selected team of professionals, including skilled kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, bespoke furniture and cabinetry makers, as well as expert lighting designers and landscape architects. These relationships enable Munro & Co to offer the client custom designed individual products perfect for the design concept.

By sourcing product from various key suppliers Munro & Co provides clients with the benefit of purchasing product at below normal retail pricing which offsets the design consultation fee. Key contacts are also provided for recommended trades people such as builders and painters.

A key component of a successful design project is the timely delivery of product and services. By liaising with the client, architect, builder and subcontractors, Munro & Co ensures that key design decisions are made on time so that product and services are delivered to meet the building schedule.

Colour Design

Munro & Co utilise their unique sense of style and knowledge of colour to create beautiful exterior and interior colour schemes. To achieve a unique colour palette custom-made colours are often created using special pigment formulations.

Having been employed as a consultant for Aalto Colour for many years, Kim understands how colour can be used to create a luminous atmosphere through the interplay of warm and cool, light and shadow. In the process of achieving a design that is totally unique and original, Munro & Co also utilises a range of wallpapers to complete that exceptional look for your home.

On completion Munro Design will present a room-by-room colour and product specification.